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Switzerland Day Tours

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Embark on a journey a lifetime with our Switzerland Private Day Tours.

We offer day tours in Lucerne, Zermatt, Grindelwald, St. Moritz, Lugano and Zurich.

Lucerne Day Tours

Lucerne, nestled by Lake Lucerne and surrounded by the Swiss Alps, is an ideal hub for day tours. Its central location and efficient transport links make it easy to explore nearby attractions like Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi, offering both cultural and outdoor experiences in the heart of Switzerland.

Zermatt Day Tours

A visit to the iconic symbol of Switzerland, the Matterhorn, and its nearby town, Zermatt, is always worthwhile.

Embark on our combined mountain cogwheel train ride and guided day hike (with an easy to moderate level), and immerse yourself in breathtaking views of the renowned Matterhorn. Revel in awe-inspiring panoramas, including 28 other Alpine peaks soaring 4000 meters/13000 ft or higher. Check the details of one of our most beloved Switzerland day tours below.

Grindelwald Day Tours

Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Grindelwald is a charming alpine village renowned for its stunning landscapes and outdoor adventures. Surrounded by majestic peaks, including the iconic Eiger, it’s a haven for nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. The Jumgfrau region is among the most beloved areas for Swiss and foreign visitors alike; our Switzerland day tours list couldn’t do without it.

The village offers a perfect blend of traditional Swiss charm, with wooden chalets and picturesque streets, along with modern amenities and activities such as hiking, skiing, and breathtaking cable car rides. Grindelwald provides a serene escape for those seeking the beauty of the Alps in a tranquil and welcoming setting.

St. Moritz Day Tours

St. Moritz, a world-famous alpine resort in the Engadin Valley of Switzerland, is synonymous with luxury, winter sports, and glamour. Renowned for its stunning natural beauty, the town is surrounded by pristine lakes and the majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps. St. Moritz has been a winter playground for the elite for over a century, attracting visitors with its exclusive hotels, upscale boutiques, and gourmet dining.

Beyond the glitz, the town offers a plethora of outdoor activities, including world-class skiing, snowboarding, and hiking in the Engadin Valley. St. Moritz is a symbol of sophistication, adventure, and Alpine elegance, making is a fantastic destination for our Switzerland day tours.

Lugano Day Tours

Lugano, nestled on the shores of Lake Lugano in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino, blends Swiss efficiency with Italian charm. It’s a true jewel among places we visit with our Switzerland day tours. With palm-lined promenades, picturesque piazzas, and a vibrant cultural scene, it offers a delightful mix of relaxation and cultural exploration in a stunning lakeside setting.

Zurich Day Tours

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city, is a dynamic metropolis set against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps. Known for its efficient blend of modernity and tradition, Zurich boasts a vibrant cultural scene, world-class shopping, and a thriving culinary landscape. The city is centered around the pristine waters of Lake Zurich and the Limmat River, offering scenic views and recreational opportunities. That’s why we had to include it on our list of Switzerland day tours.

Zurich is not only a financial hub but also a cultural one, featuring museums, theaters, and art galleries. The Old Town, with its narrow cobblestone streets and medieval buildings, contrasts with the sleek architecture of the modern city.

Whether you’re interested in exploring history, indulging in culinary delights, or simply enjoying the urban atmosphere, Zurich provides a diverse and enriching experience in the heart of Switzerland. 

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Why travel with ECHO Rails

ECHO Rails is a local Swiss and US-based tour operator with over 15 years of experience. We specialize in creating rail and hiking tours in the Swiss Alps, as well as heritage and cultural day tours.

Group tours for enhanced experience.

We believe guided group tours can be a fantastic way to explore new places, meet people, and have a great time. We love seeing strangers becoming friends as they explore the beauty of Switzerland together.

Having a knowledgeable guide (or two) at your side also helps you navigate the country a little more smoothly. Many fear that group tours will prevent them from experiencing local culture. Our small group tours (maximum 16 participants) allow you to experience the country like a local, alongside our Swiss, English-speaking guides.

We aim to create a 100% comfortable experience.

Swiss public transport redefines comfortable commutes. With us, you will travel first class on world-class trains equipped with all amenities. Additionally, we offer dedicated luggage transfer so that you can travel light.

Nobody likes packing: two nights in each location save you the trouble of packing every day. Comfortable hotels close to train stations (always with great views) reduce further hassle. 

Sustainability strategy.

Environment is important to us. That’s why on our trips we use only public transport. But that’s not all. We also collaborate with sustainable businesses, hotels, and restaurants that reduce their environmental impact in multiple ways. Whether it’s using locally sourced produce, abandoning single-use plastic, or reducing water waste, our collaborators are 100% Earth-conscious. 

Our Switzerland day tours are designed to create unforgettable experiences at the lowest possible impact. 

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