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The Best Switzerland Train Tour Packages

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The Best Switzerland Train Tour Packages

Traveling through Switzerland by train can be an excellent idea for a European summer adventure.

Switzerland train tour packages are useful when traveling in a larger group and wanting to ensure everything runs smoothly.

This article will focus on three types of Switzerland train tour packages that cater to various tastes: fans of small group tours, families and solo travelers, and those on a time crunch who still want to see the best of Switzerland.

Let’s get started!

brief history of rigi cogwheel train

Rail Tour Packages - Worth It?

Switzerland train tour packages offer many benefits that enhance the travel experience:

  1. Hassle-free experience: Rail tour packages usually include accommodation, meals, and transportation. This eliminates the stress of planning and logistics, allowing travellers to focus solely on enjoying the adventure.
  2. Expertly crafted itineraries: Travelers can sit back, relax, and immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery passing by their windows. Itineraries are optimized to include visits to iconic landmarks, charming villages, and hidden gems, as well as leave time to relax.
  3. The assistance of local guides: English-speaking guides often offer valuable insights into Swiss culture, history, and traditions, enriching the journey with their knowledge and anecdotes. 
  4. Various options for every preference: Whether one seeks an extensive exploration spanning multiple days or a shorter escapade with specific highlights like the Glacier Express ride, there’s an option tailored to every traveller’s desires

Rail tour packages in Switzerland offer a convenient, expert, and unforgettable travel experience. You will discover new things and create lasting memories.

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Escorted Grand Train Tours of Switzerland: 12 and 8 Days

At ECHO Rails we carry a seasonal offer of escorted group rail tours that cater to the tastes of the biggest adventurers. Choose an 8-day guided tour or a 12-day adventure on one of the world’s most spectacular panoramic trains.


  • Lucerne – a medieval pearl of Switzerland. Here, we embark on a guided walking tour of Lucerne’s old town, a visit to the “Queen of Mountains,” Rigi, and a lake cruise. 
  • St. Moritz – the capital of winter tourism in the Engadine mountain range. Here we go on a day trip to Tirano on board the famous Bernina Express.
  • Andermatt – an amazing mountain resort located on the crossroads of several Alpine passes. The highlight of this stay is a visit to the declassified bunker at the Gotthard pass and an unforgettable ride with the Furka steam train.
  • Zermatt – a world-famous Alpine resort and a home to the ultimate Swiss mountain: the Matterhorn. Here we take a ride up to the summit of Gornergrat with Gornergrat Bahn and a gentle walk with a view of Matterhorn.
  • Grindelwald – nestled in the heart of the Jungfrau region, here we will ride with the state-of-the-art Jungfrau Railway to the highest railway station in Europe, Jungfraujoch.
  • Lugano – a most Mediterranean city in Switzerland. Lugano boasts an amazing location and a great food scene. 
  • Zurich – end of the train adventure and last walking our. A comfortable overnight at a Hyatt close to the airport just before your leave.

Panoramic trains

This trip includes 11 panoramic trains:

  • Glacier Express
  • Bernina Express
  • Jungfrau Railway
  • GoldenPass Line
  • Gornergrat Cogwheel Train
  • Furka Steam Railway
  • Voralpen Express
  • Zentral Bahn
  • Rigi & Pilatus Cogwheel Trains


These Switzerland train tour packages are the most convenient way to travel around Switzerland. Expertly created itinerary honors the most important landmarks and takes passengers to the hidden gems along the rails. Guided assistance enriches the experiences through stories, interesting facts, and anecdotes. Dedicated luggage transfer helps passengers to travel light and stress-free. 

furka cogwheel steam railway

Private 5-Day Rail Tour

One of the best Switzerland train tour packages, this 5-day train trip includes Alpine highlights of Switzerland: St. Moritz and Zermatt, connected with the legendary Glacier Express. 

This is a private semi-guided rail tour where you will travel on your own and enjoy the assistance of the guides during two guided day tours in St. Moritz and Zermatt.

Itinerary and panoramic trains

St. Moritz is home to winter tourism and an amazing summer destination nestled in the heart of the Engadine mountains. Here you will embark on a breathtaking hike in the heart of Engadine mountains.

Zermatt is a world-famous Alpine resort and home to the well-known Matterhorn mountain. Here you will board the famous Gornergrat Bahn to climb the peak. ofGornergrat, offering magnificent views of the 29 peaks surrounding the Matterhorn. 

Glacier Express – dubbed the slowest express train in the world, Glacier Express will take you on an 8-hour-long journey through the heart of Swiss Alps. 

Gornergrat Railways – the highest open-air train in Europe and the oldest working electric cogwheel railway on the continent. This amazing ride from Zermatt will take you to the top of Gornergrat. 


  • Flexible schedules you can follow independently
  • Bookings and logistics taken care of – receive a full itinerary 30 days before you leave
  • Guided tours with knowledgeable Swiss English-speaking guides
  • An unforgettable ride with Glacier Express
  • Perfect for people who want to get a taste of the Swiss alpine beauty
  • Dedicated optional post-trip in Lucerne
brief history of jungfrau bahn

Private 3-Day Rail Tour

One of our most popular Switzerland train tour packages, this trip is perfect for everyone on a time crunch who still wants to see the most important Swiss natural landmark: the Matterhorn.

This private guided tour caters to the most demanding of travelers: a 4* hotel La Ginabelle, a guided hike around the Matterhorn, and a ride with the Glacier Express make it a perfect “Switzerland in a nutshell” rail package. 


During this trip, you will:

  • travel comfortably from Zurich to Zermatt
  • stay in a 4-star wellness hotel 
  • ride on the famous Gornergrat train
  • hike with a view of Matterhorn and Riffelsee
  • travel on board Glacier Express to Andermatt 
  • enjoy a lake cruise with a 100-year-old steamer boat

ECHO Rails Switzerland Train Tour Packages

At ECHO Rails we don’t keep you in the dark.

Our escorted and private Switzerland train tour packages are truly all-inclusive, where your adventures will be seamless and the journey – unforgettable.

Our small groups (max 16 participants) allow for a complete cultural immersion, especially under the care of our local English-speaking guides. Private tours take you wherever your heart desires with the support of a local guide.

What else?

  • flexible itineraries
  • optional hikes and walks
  • the assistance of a guide
  • dedicated luggage transfer included in the price
  • detailed activity levels, including compulsory and optional distances
  • Swiss dining experience at local restaurants and bars
  • mixed activities, including historical, natural and engineering wonders

Swiss train tours with ECHO Rails are your gateway to the new and exciting world. Comfort, flexibility, and cultural immersion are going to be the hallmarks of your adventure.

Don’t wait, book you Switzerland train tour packages with ECHO Rails today!

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