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Zurich Airport Meet And Greet

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Zurich Airport Meet And Greet

Having someone to facilitate your transfer as you land in a foreign country can significantly reduce your stress on arrival.

That’s why, for our customs trips and our 12-day Grand Train Tour of Switzerland, we offer a special Zurich Airport Meet And Greet service. 

zurich airport meet and greet

Look for a person in a red shirt

ECHO Rails representatives are easy to spot: besides brandishing a red polo shirt and a red baseball cap, they always wear a big smile.

As you scan the crowd after leaving the customs, simply look for a dash of red. After we meet, cordial “how are yous” are exchanged, bags are quickly loaded on a handy pushcart, and all the immediate needs are provided for.

Whether you need a sandwich, a magazine, or an exchange office, our guides are there to show you where and how.

After that, the whole group can swiftly move out of the airport area to the adjacent Zurich airport train station. A few escalators later, we will board the train to our next destination.

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Navigating Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is connected to the country-wide network of public transport, including intercity trains, regional trains, subways and buses. There’s probably no better way to get in and out of the airport than by a local train. The station is located directly below the entrance hall and it’s very hard to miss it.

In Switzerland, public transport is virtually infallible and will take you to your destination comfortably and on time

Despite great organization, Zurich Airport can be crowded and hard to navigate. With many transatlantic flights and European flights arriving at the same time, the traffic can be quite heavy as everyone rushes to get to the respective train platform.

For Swiss residents, this is a relatively smooth process, but for someone arriving here for the first time, it can be a highly stressful and frustrating experience. By signing up for our Zurich Airport Meet And Greet service, you’re eliminating all the stress at arrival and save yourself from getting lost a least a few times. 

meet and greet benefits

Luggage transfer

To be sure, traveling with heavy luggage is never convenient.

Our guides are there to help you transfer all your belongings hassle-free to the train and from the train to the hotel.

Trains usually have dedicated luggage compartments, so storing even large suitcases is not a problem. We also offer extra luggage transfer by car if you prefer to send your luggage in advance and travel light.

In any case, wherever you travel in Switzerland, public transport is the way to go – quick, efficient, and timely, Swiss trains and buses will take you to your destination at the highest comfort.

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Tickets and passes

Train tickets in Switzerland are available for purchase online and at all train stations at the ticket machines and ticket counters.

The SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) app is a very convenient way to purchase tickets at a discounted price. Those are known as “saver tickets” and can be bought in advance for particular connections.

If you’re planning to travel in Switzerland for a while, having a Swiss Pass would be the best option. This ticket allows unlimited travel on trains, buses, boats, and other means of public transport in the country for a limited period of time. They can be purchased through Switzerland Travel Centre.

However, if the thought of navigating the airport, the train station, buying tickets, and finding the right track is giving you a headache, go ahead and book our Zurich Airport Meet And Greet service. Having someone waiting for you can be a true lifesaver. Our guide will have your Swiss Travel Pass or your Half-Fare card and ticket. They will whisk you through the Zurich airport and onto the right platform in time to catch the right train to your first hotel.

Pre-Tour Grand Train Tour of Switzerland 12 Days

12-Day Rail Tour Pre-Tour option with Zurich Airport Meet And Greet

Our Zurich Airport Meet And Greet service is a part of our pre-tour package sold additionally to the 12-day Grand Train Tour Of Switzerland.

The pre-tour package comes with other benefits. Your guide will meet you at the Zurich airport and accompany you to Lucerne, helping you withe the luggage. In Lucerne, you will be booked in the hotel where the 12-day rail tour starts. You will have it conveniently close to the briefing meeting on Monday morning.

Benefit from arriving early and familiarizing yourself with the beautiful city of Lucerne on your own or with other guests who arrive early. Perhaps you will also have a chance to meet other participants over dinner or a relaxed glass of wine.

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Invest in your peace of mind

Book our Zurich Airport Meet And Greet services and travel stress-free.

Our guides will be happy to meet you at the arrival gates and whisk you hassle-free to your next destination. In case of lost luggage or other problems, our English-speaking local guides will be happy to help translate and support you in every way.

Start your holiday on the right foot and let your guide take care of you from the moment you step on Swiss soil.

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