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The Best of Swiss GoldenPass Line

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The Best of Swiss GoldenPass Line

One of our favorite railways in Switzerland is the GoldenPass Line. In this post, we enlist all the features, views, services, and amenities that will make your journey with GoldenPass Line truly special.

Although the Swiss GoldenPass Line is lesser known than its more famous siblings, such as Glacier Express or Bernina Line, this railway jewel is more than worth a ride. With us, you will quickly find out why.

Let’s dive in!

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The Best of GoldenPass Line

Swiss public transport belongs to the best in the world: its accessibility, efficiency, integration, and dense network of buses, trains, boats, gondolas, and funiculars make traveling around this mountainous country plain sailing.

Apart from mundane connections many Swiss take every day to commute to work and school, Swiss railways operate a selection of scening lines meant to showcase the best of Swiss landscapes from the comfort of a modern panoramic train.

GoldenPass Line connects Interlaken, the gate to the Jungfrau region, with Montreux, the capital of the Swiss Riviera on the shores of Lake Geneva: two lakes, several mountains, and one train to connect it all. And GoldenPass Line does it in style.

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Prestige and VIP Class Experience

Swiss GoldenPass Line is the only train in Switzerland that offers special class seats. The Panoramic Express operates three classes: 1st, 2nd, and so-called prestige class.

While both first and second classes offer comfortable ergonomic seats and plenty of room to sit in comfort, prestige class redefines the train journey altogether and is definitely with the badge “best of Swiss GoldenPass Line”. Its heated leather chairs are raised by 40 cm (1,2 ft) to allow passengers a better view. The seats also rotate 90 degrees so that passengers can sit facing the window and the landscapes rolling by.

In so doing, the GoldenPass Line lets you immerse in the cinematic experience where stunning Swiss landscapes play the main role. 

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Belle Epoque: A Nostalgic Charm

Swiss GoldenPass Line takes history seriously, so much so that it continuously operates original Belle Epoque carriages, 

Twice a day, you can travel between Montreux and Zweisimmen in original turn-of-the-century wagons beautifully decorated with original woodwork and upholstered chairs. Enjoy the old-world charm of sitting in an elegant carriage and experience this route just like great grandparents used to. 

As you traverse through Switzerland’s scenic landscapes sitting in an age-old carriage, you can feel the romance of train travel from a bygone era.

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Spectacular Views Along the Route

Magnificent views are a hallmark of the Swiss GoldenPass line. The line offers a true feast for the eyes, linking several different Swiss landscapes. Starting in Interlaken and passing along Lake Thun, the train showcases the best of Bernese Highlands with its sky-high peaks, bubbling mountain rivers, and pastures dotted with grazing cows.

Around Gstaad, the train leaves harsh, rocky mountain areas in favor of gently rolling hills, grasslands, and forests typical for a Swiss countryside. Here, one can spot affluent cattle farms, thick forests, and wide rivers cutting though the lush green.

Finally, the journey between Montreux and Les Avants is by far the most spectacular, offering panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the French Alps on the other side.  

the best of swiss goldenpass line

Indulging in Regional Snacks Onboard

Amidst the visual feast, Swiss GoldenPass line makes sure to engage all your senses offering a a range of snacks and drinks reflecting the views seen through the window.

Tantalize your taste buds with regional snacks curated to perfection. Delight in the flavors of Switzerland as you savor local specialties served onboard, such as a plate of cured meats and cheese paired with a glass of Swiss wine from the Valais region.

Pair these culinary delights with the ever-changing vistas outside your window, creating a sensory experience that merges gastronomy with scenic beauty.

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Comfort and Convenience for All

Regardless of age or abilities, the Swiss GoldenPass Line ensures a journey that is both comfortable and inclusive. Accessibility features and thoughtful services cater to the diverse needs of passengers, allowing everyone to partake in this extraordinary adventure seamlessly.

The focus remains on creating memorable moments without limitations, ensuring that every traveler can revel in Switzerland’s splendor.

The Swiss GoldenPass Line: An Unforgettable Adventure

The Swiss GoldenPass Line isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a gateway to a world where luxury, natural beauty, and cultural indulgences converge.

It beckons travelers to witness Switzerland’s magnificence through an enchanting rail journey, promising experiences that linger in the heart long after the trip ends.

As you plan your next adventure, consider booking a 12-day Grand Train Tour Of Switzerland with ECHO Rails.

This unforgettable journey will take you not only through central Switzerland with the GoldenPass train but also other, most stunning Swiss scening rides such as

  • Glacier Express
  • Bernina Express
  • Gornergrat Train
  • Jungfrau Railways
  • Rigi Cogwheel Train
  • Furka Steam Train

Climb up Gornergrat and Jungfraujoch and experience the best of Switzerland in one seamless adventure.

We prioritize your comfort – you will travel 1st class with convenient connecting times. We also organize dedicated luggage transfer so that you can travel light and simply enjoy the ride. 

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