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Bernina Express Day Trip

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Bernina Express Day Trip

Bernina Express day trip is an excellent idea if you stay for a few days in St. Moritz. A picturesque ride through the Bernina Range across the border to Tirano will surely be a highlight of your stay in eastern Switzerland.

Here are our tips for a successful day trip itinerary.

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The Bernina Range is one of the highest ranges in the Alps, which stretches from Northern Italy to Eastern Switzerland. Its beauty is undeniable: the rugged peaks, deep green forests, and multiple glaciers glistening in the sun make a trip through the Bernina Alps truly spectacular. 

Apart from exploring the Alps on foot or by car, the Bernina range can be admired through the train’s window. Bernina Express is a famous scenic railway enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage and runs on the highest rail tracks in Europe.

The line crosses the Alps through the Pontresina and Poschiavo valleys across the border to Tirano in Italy. The two-hour journey allows the passengers to delight not only in the natural beauty of the surroundings but also marvel at the engineering solutions that made this trip possible.

If you’re staying in St. Moritz, take a chance to explore the area with a Bernina Express day trip: experience the beauty of the Bernina Alps, admire the endless creativity of Swiss engineers who designed this line with its bridges, twists, and turns, and, finally, enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere of a charming Italian town of Tirano. Advertised as a route that will take you “from glaciers to palm”, the Bernina Express experience is truly worth it.

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Bernina Express Day Trip Itinerary

8:48 Departure from St. Moritz. 

Start your Bernina Express day trip at the St. Moritz train station. The trains leave every hour, so you can adapt departure time to your preferences. We recommend leaving earlier to avoid crowds on the train and secure more time to explore Tirano.

8:48-11:00 Bernina Express journey

While the views during this journey are magnificent all around, we recommend sitting on the right-hand side in the direction of travel: it makes it easier to admire the lakes you pass by and the Morteratsch glacier. The train climbs up through the Pontresina valley to its highest station, Ospizio Bernina, before starting its descent into the Poschiavo valley.

Make sure to pay attention to the fantastic solutions making this incredibly steep railroad possible: numerous viaducts, loops, and tunnels will make you wonder at the human ability to conquer unfavorable terrains and turn them into a fantastic adventure.

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Exploring Tirano

11:00-12:30 Exploring Tirano 

You have arrived in Italy! Now, you will have some time to explore the quaint town of Tirano. It lies at the crossroads between Italy and Switzerland, merging both cultures into a unique mix of Italian flair and Swiss thriftiness.

Though small, Tirano boasts one of the richest old towns in northern Italy and offers many opportunities to explore for history and architecture lovers. A 17th-century Salis palace is a must-see, together with Tirano’s most prominent church, the Basilica of the Madonna di Tirano, with its ornate interiors and rich history.

Make sure to visit a local market at Piazza del Mercato and stroll along the banks of Adda, the river flowing through the city’s old town.

12:30-1:30 – Lunch
No Bernina Express day trip to Tirano is complete without an authentic culinary experience.

Tirano boasts a typical north Italian cuisine, which you can try in multiple small family-run restaurants and cafes. The most well-known dishes from the region are risotto (it is here where Italian rice has been originally grown for centuries), osobucco, and bresaola, together with Tortelli di Zucca, tortellini with pumpkin stuffing, originating in Mantua.

bernina express day trip to tirano

Returning to St. Moritz

1:30-3:30 – Siesta and further exploration
Now is the time to digest and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the town. If you like, you can visit the Ethnographic Museum to learn more about the town’s rural roots. This Bernina Express day trip itinerary is flexible, so take time to enjoy a cup of coffee, stroll around the street, and look for original souvenirs for your loved ones.

3:41 – Departure from Tirano
It’s time to leave beautiful Tirano and embark on a journey back to St. Moritz. We’re leaving the palms behind and climbing up the sky-high Bernina pass. Enjoy this leisurely journey back and look at the landscapes from a different perspective.

6:11 – arrival in St. Moritz

bernina express day trip to tirano

Bernina Express Day Trip to Tirano With ECHO Rails

Are you planning to visit Switzerland and would love to travel on the Bernina Express?

At ECHO Rails we create unforgettable guided experiences on board the most scenic train in Switzerland. Join us on a guided Bernina Express Day Trip to Tirano where you will explore both sides of the Bernina Alps: the Swiss and the Italian.

What are your benefits?

  • Assistance of a local English-speaking guide sharing interesting facts and stories about the landmarks and region;
  • Opportunity to travel on the famous Bernina Express;
  • Enjoy this private tour: spend an unforgettable day with your family and friends;
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  • Flexible schedules: your guide will be happy to accommodate the trip’s plan to your schedule, preferences and needs. ECHO Rails’ guides are one of the nicest people out there!

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