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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Glacier Express

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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Glacier Express

Meet Glacier Express: an iconic scenic ride famous for combining breathtaking scenery, achievements in railroad technology, and exceptional travel convenience into one smooth travel experience. Aptly named “the slowest express train in the world,” Glacier Express showcases the best that Switzerland’s stunning natural landscape has to offer. During an eight-hour journey, you will ride along pale blue mountain rivers, traverse wide green plains, and ascent steep hills while seated comfortably in a modern panoramic car, munching on local delicacies.

If you need more reasons to travel with Glacier Express, then keep reading.

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1. Scenic Beauty and Relaxation

Traveling with Glacier Express is the embodiment of the famous proverb: “The journey is the destination.” Indeed, here, it’s not as much about where you’re going as it’s about where you are.

Starting either from the famous Zermatt or St. Moritz, you will experience the whole range of mountain landscapes: from deep pine-covered valleys to broad grassy plains dotted with farms and cow herds to deep river gorges where icy-blue waters run fast past their rocky beds.

And that’s just the beginning: looking up, you will see everything Switzerland is famous for. Marvel at the snow-capped peaks, glistening in the sun or wrapped in wispy clouds, towering high over your head.

This visual feast can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. The slow-paced journey allows everyone to relax and immerse themselves in the beauty of the Swiss countryside. Contemplate the beautiful landscapes unhurriedly, enjoying every moment as you traverse the country. 

Check what it’s like to spend a day in a Glacier Express.

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2. Comfort and Accessibility

The Glacier Express offers plush and spacious seats with large panoramic windows, ensuring that travelers of all ages can savor the jaw-dropping Swiss landscapes from the comfort of their seats. Whether you’re traveling first or second class, Glacier Express offers unparalleled comfort even for the Swiss standards. Panoramic cars with side and ceiling glass panes let you admire the views completely unobstructed. Wide passages and well-planned spaces make your travel with Glacier Express extra convenient. Thanks to the use of modern railroad technologies, Glacier Express is also very quiet so that you won’t get tired of the constant, monotonous noise. 

Additionally, the train has accessibility features to cater to the elderly, including ramps, designated spaces for wheelchairs, and assistance from attentive staff. Spacious restrooms are readily available on board, and there are dedicated spaces for storing mobility aids, ensuring a hassle-free journey for elderly passengers. 

Did you know?

Your Swiss Pass is valid on the Glacier Express. However, you still need to purchase the reservation. The Glacier Express Reservation cost varies depending on the season. You can buy your Swiss Pass here. 

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3. Culinary Delights

Eight hours is a long time. But don’t worry, you won’t have to prepare sandwiches for lunch. Glacier Express offers a delightful dining experience.

Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal or a light snack, the onboard restaurants cater to a wide range of tastes. The dining experience on Glacier Express could compete with the best restaurants – and win the “location” and “views” category! 

What’s important is that all the freshly prepared meals will be served at your seat, so you don’t have to wait for a free spot in the restaurant car. The meals are designed to reflect the Swiss scenery.

Thus, you will be able to savor local Swiss delicacies such as a selection of cheese, cured meats, seasonal vegetables, and homemade pastries. You can also taste Swiss wines from the mountain regions of canton Valais and Graubünden and a selection of other aperitifs.

Glacier Express staff is attentive to dietary needs, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delicious meal while feasting on the landscapes rolling by.

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4. Historical and Cultural Experience

The Glacier Express has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. On the morning of June 25th, 1930, 70 passengers were invited to travel from Zermatt to St. Moritz. The journey took 11 hours and involved multiple changes. The idea of connecting the two most renowned Swiss mountain resorts resonated with a few passionate investors, and 40 years later, the Glacier Express route was opened. 

To travel with Glacier Express on this route is like stepping into the past. Starting in Zermatt or St. Moritz, one can imagine traveling back to the beginnings of winter tourism in Switzerland. One has to ponder over the technological advancements the railroad technology has undergone ever since its origin and the comforts trains still provide to travelers. Overall, travel with the Glacier Express is an educational experience that blends history, culture, and geography. It’s a fantastic opportunity for travelers of all generations to expand their horizons.

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5. Meeting new people

Whether you’re traveling in a group or by yourself, you can be sure that at the end of your travel with Glacier Express you will have a couple new numbers saved on your phone. Train journeys are known to bring people together. But journeying on Glacier Express is a special, once-in-a-lifetime experience and for many a dream come true. Sharing it with others has a special bonding effect. The leisurely pace of the trip inspires conversations and reminiscing, turning strangers into new friends. 

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Travel With Glacier Express

In a nutshell, travel with Glacier Express is a remarkable adventure that beckons travelers of all ages. From the comfort and accessibility to the awe-inspiring scenery, culinary delights, and rich historical and cultural experience, this journey promises to be one for the books.

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